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Menus of dishes

Compose your own menu according to your desires from the menu.

It changes very regularly according to the inspiration of the Chef in harmony with the seasons.

Our products come largely from local suppliers, some of which are organically grown.

The entrees

Our products come largely from local suppliers, some of which are organically grown.

Radish top Veloute, Mussels and Snails with Herbs butter, Poached Egg and Blanck Bread croutons.

Smoked Trout Tartare and Line-Fed Mullet with Citrus, Smocked Lemon Oil, Quinoa, Peas ice cream and Foccacia Bread.

Fish Soup (Poached Hake, Mussels and Potatoes), Whipped cream Curry, Fresh Herbs Aïoli and Toast Bread.

Semi-cooked Duck Foie Gras with Juniper Berries, Quince Jelly, Pickles and Toasted Black Bread (extra €5.50).

The 6 Oysters from Beauvoir sur Mer or the 9 (sup 4.50 €) or the 12 (sup 7.50 €) served with Seaweed Butter, Lemon and Shallot Vinegar.

Fish from La Criée

according to availability and cooked according to the chef's inspiration :

Grilled Seabass and Tomatoes with Basil Oil, Small Vegetables, Fumet Langoustines and Curry.


French origin

The Butcher's Piece cooked according to the moment:

Grilled ""Blonde d'Aquitaine Beef fillet, Potatoes, Small Vegetables, Savory Sauce.

Roasted Duck Breast, New Apples, Small Vegetables and Pear-Pink  Onion Tart, Juice Reduced with Cider and Orange.

Roasted Veal Fondant, Golden sweet Potatoes and samll Vegetables, Chicory and Rosemary sauce..

Our vegetarian dish of the day...

Crispy Polenta and Basil, Tomatoes, small Vegetables.

The little extra

The Cheese Platter from here and elsewhere...

9,00 €

The desserts

Apple Puff Pastry Tart, Water Melon and Blackcurrant Sorbet.

Strawberries Gratin with Lemon, Citrus Supremes, Strawberries Sorbet and Biscuit.

Dacquoise Praline with Roasted Apricots, Blueberries cream, Peach, Apricot and Mint Sorbet.

Net prices in euros - Service included

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